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In 2012, St. Andrew’s pioneered weaving milk bags into mats that are sent to some desperately poor countries around the world. The method of weaving the milk bags is a new concept. Prior to the introduction of weaving, milk bags were either knitted or crocheted. The benefits of weaving over crocheting or knitting are:

  • The finished product is much softer.

  • It takes significantly less time and is easier on the hands.

  • It’s a fun team effort.

This project has other benefits too:

Recently our local newspaper wrote an article about our amazing mat weaving group called Group in Ajax weaves mats for children.

The team currently meets on Monday mornings from 10:00am – noon and are considering meeting Saturday mornings. If you’d like to get involved or for further information, contact the church office at 905-683-7311 or email

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